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I graduated from Michigan State University in the 1980s with a degree in Advertising and a love of movies. After graduation, I obtained the “obligatory” job as a copywriter at a major advertising agency and kept dozens of screenplay ideas on the boil — even hopping a few planes to L.A. to try and promote my latest script. I never succeeded in selling or optioning a movie and the next 25 years rolled by rather quickly…

Tony Bustamante

Today, I’m an unrepresented writer in my fifties who’s three decades wiser than when I first dreamt about Hollywood. I think I’ve finally obtained enough life experience to write believable dialogue and I’ve just about mastered the virtue of patience.

Super Ultra Big Blue Sky Country is perhaps the longest-gestated screenplay idea I’ve ever had. I conceived the idea sometime after I graduated college and I mentally cast Jackie Chan as the lead character. But it took me until mid-2021 to actually put the idea to paper (sorry, Jackie). In my defense, I was working on other scripts!

Having no agent to represent me, I am self-marketing this screenplay by reaching out directly to actors, actresses and directors who might find the script engaging. This website is also meant for producers who find the logline interesting.

If you’re an agent interested in representing me as a client, if you’re an actor who finds the storyline engaging, or if you’re a producer or director looking for your next family-friendly film, drop me an email and let’s talk. I’d love to have your support and move this script into pre-production!

Thanks for stopping by… (and don’t forget to order your SUBBSC t-shirt to help support the film and drive awareness).

December 13, 2023

Obstacles. Challenges. Disappointments. It’s what creates conflict in a storyline and makes a script engaging and entertaining. It’s also part of real life! Despite the challenges of the writers and actors strikes, the screenplay for Super Ultra has made its way into some very powerful hands. Plus I’ve even entered it into a very well known and respected Southern California screenplay competition. Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride! (For me, anyway. All you other working professionals in Hollywood are probably yawning. : )


November 1, 2023

Wow! It’s been a minute, eh? Yes, I’m still alive and kicking — and the latest version of Super Ultra Big Blue Sky Country is outstanding. I’m respecting the actors’ strike (as I respected the WGA’s strike the month before) so developments might be slow for a while longer. Meanwhile I’m making real progress with potential funding. Hang in there with me!


September 5, 2022

Hey friends, I finished the re-write of Super Ultra with the assistance of a good friend and co-writer. The script is now resting comfortably in the hands of a talented and well-known LA publicist who’s planning a sort of marketing campaign for it. I’ve been told that this script is really timed well in that there’s a lot of interest in Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone and there’s also been a desire to see more Asian actors in major motion pictures over the last several years. Say a quick prayer for me as I continue to work this project towards production. And thanks to the actors and actresses who’ve signaled an interest in it and have been patient as I work it.


March 1, 2022

I’ve been “running silent” for a few months now, working my way through a re-write of Super Ultra under the tutelage of a very successful publicist/producer in Los Angeles. Thank you to all the actors who’ve responded with audition requests via my movie’s IMdb.com project page — I will be giving instructions to the Casting Director to consider these submissions first when casting for roles. The re-write has elevated the original script and concept immeasurably and I am quite proud and excited. It’s ready for pre-production! Stay tuned!


January 7, 2022

Happy New Year! Super Ultra is still moving ahead. I completed a substantial re-write of the script in early December. I think it’s ready for funding discussions with investors now. I’ve reached out to Toyota North America to inquire about product placement of their new Tundra Hybrid pickup truck in the movie and I’m exploring other funding avenues as well. 2022 is going to be a great year and I believe we’ll move into pre-production before the end of Q1. Stay tuned! More to come!


October 30, 2021

Hey friends, yep, I’m still plugging along, making connections and acquaintances. The Super Ultra Big Blue Sky Country t-shirts showed up a couple weeks back and I mailed out half-a-dozen. Wear them often! The URL on the backside of the shirt will help drive awareness of this project.

I’m exploring opportunities with streaming content providers in addition to those Hollywood studios, so who knows?

Thanks for your continuing support!


October 14, 2021

Just a quick update for all those folks and actors/actresses following the development of this project.

I continue to get great responses and reactions from the actors and actresses I’ve approached to play parts in the film. And the solicited submissions from industry folks via my project listing at IMDb.com are really amazing. I’ve got several additional actors interested in becoming involved.

I feel like my story’s synopsis really struck a chord with folks hungry to help bring to market a family oriented movie that’s fun and believable and full of great, interesting characters.

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed ideas or direction. Looking forward to shipping out the first batch of SUBBSC t-shirts to my supporters!